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Truxton Creative prides itself in being able to take projects from concept to creation. We can also join our clients at any point in the creative process to help add value to their content.  From scripting and concepts to filming and post-production, we can achieve a great result for your campaign, your brand or your initiative. 


We look forward to working with you.

Concepts & Creative


Whether it's a :30 second ad for a hotly contested race, a corporate branding video or web content for a non-profit, we can help our clients come up with concepts that will stand out. We can channel your campaigns' voice & brand to present ideas that work

for both time and budget.


Field Production & Production Management


There are times you need a field producer.  There are times you need an agency producer.  There are also times you just need someone to help figure out and manage your latest project.  


Whichever one you need, we can do that.

With over a decade of experience in a variety of situations, we will have you covered from small sets to large.​​

We also offer the ability to film projects with our Canon DSLR camera 

+ lighting package.


Editorial & Post-Production


We're proud to offer in-house editorial via our Mac-based edit suite, giving us the ability to create great-looking content for TV/Web/Mobile all in one place.  Consider us one-stop shopping.


Our software bundle includes the Adobe Creative Suite with all the latest tools and plug-ins for Premier and After-Effects. To make it all work, our editors bring their extensive backgrounds in design and storytelling to achieve superior results.​

We can also hire out editorial help on a per-project basis. 


Media Buying 

We're proud to offer media buying for TV, Digital and radio for budgets both large and small. Our experienced buying partners have extensive knowledge in markets all over the country and can work tirelessly to maximize your media dollars.


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